Well, hel14285226_10202122002529538_998275097_o.jpglo!

My name is Erica, I am an Alpha Phi Sorority Alumni and a recent college graduate with a degree in Fashion Merchandising (please hire me haha). Over the last couple years I have had the privilege to explore myself throughout college, travel, and fashion. Through those three things I have found my passions for experiencing other cultures first hand and studying the many areas of fashion history and how it coincides with gender equality, social justice, and liberation. #Feminist.

It’s always been questionable whether I am a self-proclaimed coffee lover and wine enthusiast, or if college turned me into a coffee addict and wine junkie. Either way I love both!

Still want to know a little more? Here are some fun facts about me:

  • As of March 1st, I will have traveled to 11 different countries and visited the beautiful European continent twice!
  • I studied a semester of fashion in Florence, Italy
  • I once stood only 20 ft. away from George Clooney
  • I’ve had a sewing needle stuck so far into my foot that I had to have it surgically removed. (Being a fashion major is dangerous!)
  • No, I have never EVER dyed my hair
  • I am unapologetically opinionated
  • Spongebob Squarepants will always be one of my favorite shows

During the laps of time between graduating college, being unemployed, and trying to find a job the idea came to me start this blog.

-Stay Fabulous!