Why Traveling is The Best Kind of Therapy

Vacation-meme-3_350x250-300x214Whether you’re hoping across the ocean to a new country, backpacking across the world, or going on a road trip, there is nothing like travel to fix all your problems.

There is nothing better than leaving all your troubles behind and going on an adventure. It can make you realize that what you obsessing over really isn’t that important and suddenly all these crazy things you were over-thinking don’t matter.

If you know me, you know I can go pretty crazy worrying about everything. I’m an over-thinker. Due to that I tend to clingy to everything that isn’t going right (or what I assume won’t go right because I over-think everything), some of the smallest things will send me into what I call end-of-the-world-mode. You know, it’s like when that guy doesn’t text you back for a few hours and you jump to either two conclusions, he’s dead or ignoring you. So you decided to send him three (or more) texts covering every topic that he might be ignoring you for, then he tells you he just took a nap. That’s end-of-the-world-mode.


Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Traveling can basically fix all of that. He hasn’t texted you back? That’s fine, you’re chill. Your in the middle of climbing the Colosseum so who needs boys?!

Here’s a list of other things traveling can cure:

  • Loosing your mind over annoying people calling and texting, like that one person who is constantly trying to get you to go out and “party it up”?
    Go explore a new country, odds are you won’t have cell service anyway so… problem solved!Β 49c09fc2b1722da78b714eefd5573413
  • Over-thinking the fact that you think your friends find you boring? Go on a trip, let’s see who’s boring now!raw
  • I personally am a firm believer that if you ever need to get over someone, Europe is the cure. Whether it be a devastating heartbreak or its over between you and someone who you were never actually dating but claimed in your head (come on ladies, we’ve all done it), it works.new-girl-gif Nothing will ever pick up your broken pieces like the cobblestone streets of Europe will, trust me, I would know from experience.
  • Do you feel like you are loosing touch with reality and the real world is getting you down? Listening to Pete from work talk about his perfect game of golf and having Amy from the grocery store judge you whenever only buy wine and cookie dough would make anyone question, is this what being an adult is?tumblr_me41g7KFF41ro2d43 Great news, it’s not! Take a break, travel to a new destination. You never know, your experience traveling might help you land a new job so you don’t have deal with Pete and Amy anymore

Long story short, nothing will make you stop and live in the moment like experiencing a new place can. It really puts things in perspective. Taking the risk and putting yourself out there makes any problem and any worry seem so small. So go get your suitcase and over pack (because you never know, you might want that dress and that extra pair of boots you haven’t worn in months), let the spirit of adventure be your guide.

Because lets be real traveling might not be cheap but neither is therapy!


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